Tuesday, October 4, 2011

On Remakes.

Some of us out there have fond memories of the original Syndicate. Arguably the grandaddy of the modern sandbox game (a whole city to wander around in, hijacking cars, shooting it out with the cops, and generally causing mayhem - does this sound familiar?), and with a perfectly executed cyberpunk aesthetic (insofar as there is a complete lack of idealism, and any suggestion of such is ruthlessly mocked). It was superior to Grand Theft Auto in at least one respect - you could carry along a device that brainwashed civilians into following your agents around and mimicking your movements. One amusing tactic (after gunning down an enemy tactical squad) was to persuade a bunch of pedestrians, march them over the pile of corpses and weapons, and have them arm themselves up, then use them as first-wave cannon fodder against the next enemy tactical squad. Ruthlessly amoral? Check.

Apparently, it's being remade as a first-person shooter.

About five years ago this would have sent me into apoplectic fits of nerd rage, but there are two mitigating factors: one, I've grown up enough to not really give a shit, and two, they hired Skrillex (freakin' Skrillex!) to remix the action theme from the original.

At this point, as long as the game is competently executed and has a persuadertron I'll be happy.

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