Thursday, April 22, 2010

An Observation.

So I was ruminating about Avatar at work the other day (I suspect Red Letter Media is to blame) and I had a bit of a revelation.

Of course early peoples* were in perfect harmony with nature. If you aren't in perfect harmony with nature, you starve to death (or get eaten, or poisoned, or whatever). The only way your bodily functions can continue working while you are not in perfect harmony is a societal support structure. Early agriculture-based societies could be slightly less in harmony with nature, because they maintained a reserve of food, and had a bit more protection from the elements. Today, we're not in tune with nature because, except for major natural disasters, it bloody well isn't necessary for daily life. The dirty hippies tend to ignore the fact that they can willingly choose to be 'more in harmony with nature' because of societal supports.

Combine this with a very interesting study about interpersonal violence, and Jean-Jacques Rousseau can officially suck it.


* I was tempted to use "First Peoples," if only to needle Evergreen State College's "First Victims Club." On further consideration, that takes things down the long, dark road of unfortunate implications.

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