Friday, April 30, 2010

On Simple Pleasures.

Recipe for contentment:

5.11 XPRT Patrol boots, Black (1 pair)*
1 can, Kiwi Black
1 Old dishrag
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex on Netflix Instant Watch**
Guide to polishing boots (this one is the best I've run into so far)

GitS is damn good - both movies, and both seasons of Stand Alone Complex. Both from an aesthetic standpoint - I suppose the best way to describe SAC would be "post-Blade Runner" - and from a thematic one, GitS stays engaging. The movies do bog down in philosophizing a bit, but usually by the time you process what they're saying a crateful of Seburo firearms show up.

I realize that I spoke ill of the English voicework in GitS:SAC, and I was quite premature. That said, the characterization does seem to change subtly in each dub - the Japanese one is more meditative and subdued, while the English version is a good deal more forthright at times. (For instance, watch the Laughing Man's final scene with Kusanagi back to back with either one.)

Furthermore, GitS:SAC nails the 2D/3D hybrid style that a lot of Anime seems to be going to. Occasionally you'll see a flat 2D frame pivoting in a 3D space (think Doom, or better Doomsday) but generally the use of a high detail cel-shaded style for the 3D blends perfectly. Actually, between this and Cowboy Bebop: The Movie it seems that the good studios have got this covered. (The series had some egregious O HAY SHINY STUFFS moments.)

Speaking of Cowboy Bebop, GitS features a spectacular Yoko Kanno soundtrack.


* This consitutes an unpaid endorsement. LA Police Gear had 'em on sale, and instead of another pair of ATACs I got the top-of-the-line model for the same price. If there's a level of comfort in footwear that qualifies as obscene, this is a good starting point.
** Though as of 5/1, as Inspector Clouseau would say, "not anymore."

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