Wednesday, February 24, 2010

On Toys vs. Money.

Among the various detritus useful tools in my range bag is the Amazing $35 Screwdriver, which is the proper size not only for SIG grip screws but also the Ruger 10/22 takedown screw and Mosin Nagant stock screws.

Poking through Oleg Volk's archives, I find the same thing, only keychain sized.  It's awesome and redundant, yet redundant.  I could buy three boxes of ammo or three bricks of .22 for that.

I also see that JG Sales got a truckload of police surplus S&W revolvers in .38spl, which I also don't need, strictly speaking, but are mighty appealing at the listed prices, especially since a decent revolver* has been on the wish list for a while.

I dumped a box through a Mod. 66 today, and can report a few salient points:

 - Shooting a S&W DA revolver quickly and accurately is a snap.  In fact, I seem to be able to better at speed with one.  Them triggers is smooth.  Furthermore, target sights with a red front sight insert work quite well.

- While I had no training cross-over issues with a Springfield Government model or a Glock 17, A DA Smith seems to lock up the trigger when not fully reset.  Given that my go-to gun is a DA/SA P226, muscle memory was not working in my favor.  Gnashing of teeth and cursing (under a time limit, no less) followed. 

- Compared with modern Pachmayr or Uncle Mike's grips, Magnas are prettier, but frickin' cramped when shooting modern isoceles.  They feel a lot more natural when shooting one handed.


* Made after the 19th century, in a caliber I can buy at Big 5, and can run hard without feeling guilty and still get parts for when something breaks.

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