Friday, February 12, 2010

On the Ruger Money Pit.

Err, 10/22.

I'm sure y'all know Volquartsen makes a lot of very shiny drop-in parts for the 10/22, many of which individually cost more than a brand-new 10/22 on special. Three that don't cost an arm and a leg are the target hammer, the auto bolt release, and the precision edge extractor, which together cost less than $60 at Midway.

The target hammer claims to reduce the trigger pull weight down to 2 1/2 lbs. I don't have any way of confirming that number, but this one drop-in part takes the trigger from serviceable straight to scary light - best one in the safe. Hell, I'd be inclined to put a pound back in the pull weight - you know the trigger is light when you're used to prepping the hell out of it and it goes off way too early.* The only problem is that the amount of creep remains the same, so I might be dropping the scratch for one of those triggers with the overtravel screw. Herein lies the money pit.

The auto bolt as advertised. Nothing much to report, except that it's a hair more convenient than the usual manual set-up. And since Midway was temporarily out of the black, I got the stainless, which actually sets off nicely from the plastic polymer trigger pack Ruger now puts on these things.


* That's how I realized I was prepping on my P226, actually. I traded a few mags on the 226 for a few mags on his customized 5" XD, with a 2lb trigger. When shooting plates at 20 yards, I'd get in the general area of the target, then start refining my sight pict- *bang* fucking hell!

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