Friday, January 29, 2010

On Dawson Front Sights.

I finally knocked the Big Dots out of the 226 and replaced them with the factory rear (blacked out - with a dry erase marker, because I'm terrified of commitment and all) and a Dawson Precision front sight, .130 wide, with the red fiber optic insert.

40 50* bucks and a slightly terrifying fitting session later, I can give these sights the thumbs-up. It's not so much that I get more precision out of them - rather, I feel like I'm working a lot less to get the hits. With the Big Dots, I was trying to hit the target, but there was a fucking golf ball in the way that I kept trying to see around. With the Dawson, there's a neatly-defined post with an attention-whoring red dot in the middle, and plenty of airspace on either side to reference with (this sight being about a third skinnier than stock). It's a big indicator which positively screams "boolits go here!" This is precisely the goddamned point. The only problem is that they're not night dots. YMMV, but if you can't see the sights, you probably have a flashlight out, and using the FBI method conveniently illuminates the suckers.


* Nothing like realizing that your sight needs to be fitted with a dovetail file. On one hand, that's another week waiting for it to arrive from Missouri, but on the other hand I now have an awesome new file to butcher sights with! Time to install that funky Mojo front sight...


MauserMedic said...

I need to install tritium sights on someone else's Beretta this weekend. Not looking forward to that.

Bunnyman said... "front sight forged into the slide" Beretta? Hoo boy.