Sunday, January 10, 2010

It's Funny.

Those $229 rifles turn into $500 projects.

Or: Some part of the Mosin-Ammo-Shooter loop isn't working well enough for me to be comfortable with that setup at Appleseed. I'm pretty sure which one it is, but removing the blast and recoil will confirm my suspicions.*

Or: I finally got a 10/22. Since I have to wait another nine days for delivery, I guess I'll have to commit suicide or go on a rampage with one I already have. (Seriously, the waiting period only makes sense with first-time buyers. So could I present evidence of firearms ownership and get around it?)

Or: Time to stockpile .22. The dude at Big5 warned that I would probably blow an entire brick the first day I got it. In nine days, a fatwa's going out on index cards.


* That said, I endorse the hell out of Limbsaver slip-on pads. The 'small' size fits an M38 stock perfectly, and turns the rather exuberant jolt of 7.62x54r into a pleasant push. Even if the squishy rubber makes the whole assembly look like a round air scrubber duct-taped onto a square one.


Duane said...

I put one of these on my 91-30, Mosin Nagant Rubber Butt Pad. Adds enough to the length of pull to make it comfortable for my gorilla arms and absorbs quite a bit of recoil.

Bunnyman said...

That looks like a very slick set-up.