Tuesday, December 8, 2009

On Netflix Instant Queue.

I was moved to get an XBox Live account by the promise of Netflix movies on demand. Yes, I had a perfectly good computer, but running stuff in a tabbed browser is horrible when you get an itching desire to fact-check exactly what flavor of Kalashnikov that mook is carrying. So I tried Netflix on XBox.

If you like sub-YouTube postage-stamp resolution, frequent interruptions, and a lack of audio options (because some anime dubs are just that bad), Netflix on XBox is the bomb diggety shiznit. (If I had a better internet connection, my opinion may well differ.)

In a moment of curiousity, I tried the browser-bound version, and suddenly this whole 'movies on demand' concept started to show promise. I suspect the main issue is that the XBox flavor doesn't store anything on the hard drive, whereas the PC version runs almost like YouTube or Quicktime - downloading the movie in the background, and holding it there in your temporary internet files while you watch it. Therefore, connection speed is no particular liability. (For values of connection that qualify as 'broadband.' I'm not sure anyone is masochistic enough to actually dial up these days.) Wow. Almost-DVD quality, right there. That's how it's supposed to work.

At least I can use my Gold account to kill people in other time zones from the comfort of my desk.

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