Friday, November 20, 2009

On Grammar Nazis.

While reading Jeff Cooper's Commentaries, I come across this gem:

"I find it curious that various people find time to write me to the effect that popularity equates to rectitude. This has to do with my expressed annoyance of the barbarism of using the word 'decimate' to signify 'devastate.' It seems to me essentially presumptuous to publish a lexicon in the first place, and, of course, we find that lexicographers disagree amongst themselves. The notion that if enough people do things wrong that will make a wrong into a right is essentially immoral. To say that a good many people use the word decimate incorrectly, and that therefore it is all right, is to justify such other phenomena as lying, infidelity, and public indecency. A decimal is a decimal. See 'decimal point.'"

Heh. "Evolution of language," Mother Theresa's ineffable left tit. The same applies to grammar.

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