Monday, October 19, 2009

On Perspective.

So Tam linked up a piece over here about Australian gun laws. RTWT, and all that.

Here in the People's Republik of Kalifornia, any law-abiding citizen* can walk up to their local gun counter, pick out a handgun, haggle up an appopriate price, fill out a 4473, and come back 10 days later to pick it up. Sounds like a Libertarian paradise by comparison. Hell, if you are forced to shoot someone in self defense you're nominally in the right, if a jury of your peers thinks so, which is a damned sight better than that fetid 'equal force' codswallop.

Oh, sure, Sacramento's stacked to the gunwales with people who think the Aussies are doing it right. But as it is, I feel pretty goddamned happy to live here. Even if we have the highest Brady rating in the country.

(Which surprises me, really. Shouldn't the Bradys be in love with the Illinois and Massachusetts FOID schemes? Nothing like having a GP to certify you sane and providing character references to exercise a right. Anyway...)

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