Thursday, October 8, 2009

First Impressions: 5.11 Tactical Pants.

After wearing Tru-Spec 24/7's for a few months (and liking the heck out of them, mostly), I noticed the good folks at LA Police Gear had these things on clearance, and...

- Comfy as hell.
- Higher threadcount makes Tru-Specs look like they're stitched out of canvas.
- Waistband automatically adjusts, using an elastic strap. No more popping the fly button off when you strap on an IWB.
- Backslash pockets are way cool. I might actually use them, which is more than I can say for any other back pockets - you're always sitting on them, and they always struck me as less secure than a front pocket (please steal this wallet that's clearly printing).
- Cell phone pocket is conveniently placed. A bit deep, but with super-cheap reusable earplugs on the bottom and cell phone on top, the phone is very accessible.
- Reinforced knees.
- Reinforced pocket corner, for knives. Which is really good when you have a knife that deploys by ripping it across the corner of the pocket.

- For some reason, they only put a cell phone pocket on one side.
- The Cold Steel Ti-Lite has a pretty tight clip, and I just loc-tited it down since it kept coming loose. So the reinforced corner doesn't actually accomodate my EDC knife.
- Cargo pockets are somewhat cramped, and have no organizers in them. The Tru-Spec pockets not only have a velcro accordion to allow them to hold truly monumental amounts of crap, but have loops that make lugging around four double-stack pistol magazines easy and comfortable.
- Belt loops are unevenly placed and are an inch wide, so like the Tru-Specs they don't play nice with my Comp-Tac belt holster. All the cool kids in the magazine spreads have Safariland thigh rigs. I guess that's what they're going for.

If I had to choose and money was not a deciding factor, the Tru-Specs win out slightly, for the better (and roomier) pocket configuration (dual, small cell phone pockets and very nice cargo pockets).

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