Saturday, September 26, 2009

On Shoeboxes Full of Ruger Parts.

Reason number 243 why the Ruger Standard and its progeny are so popular: they're stupidly simple to detail strip. After a fact-checking expedition at Xavier's place that ended up in a Ruger archive binge, I found a handy guide and got to work. Remove grips, knock out a couple of drift pins, make sure to shake the parts out where you can find them all again, run in reverse order. Since BulkFed(tm) blows a lot of crap into the exposed lockwork, this is a good thing.

There are a couple of hang-ups, none serious:
- The trigger pin in the Standard is held in place with a clip, which is unnerving to poke out (with a very small drift or something) and requires patience and a set of tweezers to re-install.
- There is a pin across the mainspring housing cutout that the sear spring needs to be set against, lest the sear flop about uselessly.
- The sear needs to be pushed forward during re-assembly. Ingeniously, re-installing the safety lever holds it in the appropriate position.
- The above issues can result in a gun that seems to go together properly until a certain point, whereupon the builder stares blankly and wonders why the stupid thing doesn't run properly. Hey, like field stripping a Ruger Standard or something. Perhaps Bill Ruger collected matrushka dolls as a kid.

Detailing a MKI is identical to a MKII or III detail, except the new stuff (bolt hold-open, slide stop, loaded chamber indicator) can be ignored.

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