Tuesday, June 30, 2009

On Aguila Colibri (Cont'd.)

I ran a box through Das Cheäterpistole today. (The Trailside grew a new appendage, and now I'm out of excuses for missing. Which is very much the point.)

Feed reliability was distinctly better than the Ruger. Rounds stacked neatly in the magazine, and as long as the slide was enthusiastically cycled, no issues were encountered. (All sorts of wierd stuff happened if I tried to cycle the gun slowly - top round stovepiping, rims interacting in the magazine and causing nosedives, etc.) If loaded to capacity, the first two rounds had a tendency to nosedive; manually aligning the top round with the feed lips seems to solve that problem. Running both mags with five rounds each allows for shooting at a very consistent, aggravation-free clip.

Accuracy seemed about the same as the Ruger - as good as my hold. Interestingly, use of a red-dot sight resulted in an immediate halving of group sizes at 25m with full-power ammo at the range; here, at 20 feet, group sizes were nearly identical (not counting fliers, of course).

And holy hell is my weak-hand shooting inconsistent. Back to the salt mines.

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