Friday, May 15, 2009

What you Get for Paying $90...

...for a steenking flashlight.

So like a maroon I fumble my shiny new Surefire 6P LED and drop it from waist level straight on the edge of the bezel, cracking the Pyrex lens window. Not finding the part anywhere on the Inter Nets, I shoot an e-mail off to Surefire's help desk, asking if this is covered under warranty.

"Just give us an address, and we'll send you a new bezel."

Not just the lens, the whole damn bezel. No questions asked, no copy of receipt or anything. They even apologized for the inconvenience. Heh!

Oh, and it still turns night into day and lasts forever on a single pair of rechargeable CR123s. Beats the hell out of a Coast LED Lenser, what with the anemic performance on a trio (how the fuck do you recharge three batteries efficiently?) of AAAs and bizarre crossthread-happy threading that often results in me pulling a flashlight body out of a belt carrier instead of a complete unit. Sometimes being a gear snob is a good thing.

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