Monday, May 25, 2009

Tru-Spec 24/7 Pants: First Impressions.


  • The small utility pockets are super handy, either as a discrete cell-phone carry, for a reload (sort of - the flap *barely* closes over a P226 mag - single stack is good to go), or as a shotshell carrier. Six 12-ga 2 3/4" shells stack snugly in the pocket, and the pants are not only the same price as a belt carrier, they keep you from getting arrested for public indecency! Talk about value.
  • Reinforced knees. I slay knees.
  • They seem to come Scotchguard-ed, so they resist water, coffee (both grounds and brewed), sugar water, and general grime and nastiness pretty well.

  • The belt loops are a good inch wide. The gap in a Comp-Tac holster's belt tunnel is about 3/4". Anticipate some futzing when kitting out. (At least there's enough flex to make it happen somehow.)

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