Saturday, April 4, 2009

What He Said.

"Gun Control is not a Matter of Statistics"

OK, I'll add one more thing: combine his thesis with the principle of 'when in doubt, err in favor of liberty' and the proper course of action becomes obvious. For just about every gun-blogger, this is second nature, but it seems that many politicians (I would say 'most,' but the Blue Dogs have made me slightly less pessimistic as of late) find this concept alien. So do many of the voters who put them in power.*

The United States is a polyglot meta-culture with a drug and gang problem. We seem to do multiculturalism better than some, but there is still tension. The reason I'm hesitant to fully agree with the Libertarian ideal of legalizing drugs is that they are a social blight. The late 80's/early 90's violent crime spike is directly attributable to the crack cocaine epidemic. Gangs are universally bad news. Get rid of those two problems and the crime rate would plummet overnight.

(h/t Syd.)


* I don't mean the Evil Strawman Liberal, because I don't buy that any more than the Evil Strawman Conservative. Whole 'nuther rant, right there.

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