Monday, April 6, 2009

On Handguns and Killing.

One of these days, I should make up some flashcards with the following handguns pictured, one on each:

1. Smith & Wesson Model 36
2. Glock 34 with a 2-pound trigger, Warren Tactical sights, and strategically-placed skateboard tape
3. SIG P226, West German, Bone Stock
4. T/C Contender rebuilt into an IHMSA open gun (metallic silhouette)
5. Remington XP-100
6. Hämmerli Model 208
7. Remington Rand M1911A1, circa 1943
8. Browning Buckmark with a C-More sight (hooray for Steel Challenge!)

Next, I should find one of those 'the only purpose of handguns is to kill', show the cards one by one, and ask if the design purpose of that firearm was, in fact, to deliver lethal force; and furthermore, if so, is the handgun suitable in present form for said task. The results may be instructive.

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