Sunday, April 12, 2009

Capsule Reviews.

The Professionals - Like The Wild Bunch, but less pessimistic. Good for fans of Lee Marvin, Vintage machineguns, or the Colt New Service. The action is brisk, the plot is twisted enough to be fun, and the characters have chemistry. What's not to like?

Duck, You Sucker - James Coburn as an IRA sapper and Rod Steiger as bandito make for a great odd couple. Slightly mislabelled as a Western, it veers hard and becomes a Mexican Revolution war movie. Pretty roundly awesome. Sergio Leone owns the epic, expansive Spaghetti Western. The action reminds me of no one so much as John Woo - it's easy to see the roots of the balletic 'heroic bloodshed' style. Hell, this movie has a very Blood Opera feel - strong friendships, intense emotions, massive body count...

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