Wednesday, March 11, 2009

On Extractors.

They might break, eventually.* This one had 10,800 rounds on it, and the hook broke clean off.

The good news is that replacing them is a piece of cake. On milled-stainless slides, the extractor sits in its own slot. The extractor is one piece of metal, and a separate spring provides tension through a pin.

To remove, simply stick an appropriately-sized flathead screwdriver between the pin and the extractor, rotate 45 degrees, and lift the extractor out from the breech end.

Good Lord is it nasty in there. Q-tips and Hoppe's, away!

Re-installation is a snap. Re-insert the pin, and wiggle the extractor into place.

From now on I'm stocking replacement extractors and firing pins. No point gettting caught with my pants down.


* First sight replacement, then a broken firing pin, and finally a busted extractor. Problems all come at once.

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