Thursday, February 26, 2009

On Pretty Green Dots.

A USPS box o' happiness arrived today from Tactical Response Gear. Among other neat-0 bits of kit (and directions) were a set of XS Sights.

The aformentioned organization proselytizes said sights pretty extensively, and having trained with them I tend to trust their "we only endorse stuff that works" stance, so I decided to give it a go. The price is competitive with other night sights, and my SIG was lacking a set of pretty green dots.

Included is a tube of threadlocker, a plastic drift, a wee allen wrench, and the sights themselves.

Either the rear dovetail on the P226 is crazy tight, or they loctite the rear sight in place, because the amount of bludgeoning required to remove that sucker was extreme. (Which is a good thing on a combat arm, mind you...) The front sight came out with a lot less convincing. Curiously, a quantity of grease was noted under the front sight, as though the gun was at one point packed in cosmoline. SIG seems to ship their magazines in a similar state, which makes me wonder.

The actual Big Dot set was a great deal easier to fit. In fact, the front went in easily with fingers, which makes the included tube of blowtorch-strength threadlocker important. Did I mention that the noncommittal need not apply?

I'm still not sure if having two dramatically different sight pictures is going to be a good thing. The night picture is tiny - if the front tube was more than 2mm wide, I'd be surprised - and the day/low light picture is huge. This sight gets accolades for being fast and intuitive up close and personal, or anyplace where the sight picture is bouncing around (on the move, for instance). I'm looking forward to see how I do with it on a plate rack - follow the bouncing ball.

It remains to be seen where the rounds fall with this sight picture. I guess I'll find out on Friday.

On the other hand, I feel ten again. I mean, what's the first thing you do when you get a glow in the dark Micro Machine or raincoat or whatever? Get in the damn closet and turn out the lights, that's what you do. Except being self-powered, these things are way more reliable.


Jay G said...

Okay, I chuckle every time I open my pistol safe and see the night sights on my G30 shining at me.

Here I was thinking it was just me...

Bunnyman said...

Oh man, that's the best part. Where's the SIG? There's the SIG!