Thursday, January 15, 2009

SKS: 10-round impression.

(Yes, this was my first time. There goes my gunnie street cred.)

Wow, this stock is the proper length for the Vietnamese Revolutionary Midget Brigades.

Wow, these notch-and-post sights are almost identical in design to the Mosin's and yet are somehow much easier to acquire.

Wow, this gun is absurdly easy to shoot, once I get past that motherfucking flinching problem.

I think I could go for one of these.


MauserMedic said...

My first center-fire rifle, back in the late '80s. As far as semi-autos go, those things are probably so of the most reliable rifles out there, and I'll never part with mine (voluntarily). Liked it enough to pick one of the Yugoslav models with evil grenade launcher on it years later. Shame it's so hard to find ammunition for them currently. Actually, you might want to pick one up soon, as in the next several days, if some of the fears about executive orders and semi-automatics become reality.

Bunnyman said...

Hope I can trip over one in Kalifornistan...