Wednesday, January 14, 2009

On Primers.

Well, I won't be stocking up on them for a bit.

Between panic buying and what I have heard and seen to be the usual stocking cycle (large retailer purchases massive lot of reloading components, stock depletes, is re-stocked, often with shortages in common components), I'm down to the 800 loose primers and 1600+ primed cases currently in stock. (And 500+ primed 9mm, but seeing as I don't shoot that caliber much anymore...maybe I should use up those Speer 125gr LRNs and some bullseye, and re-commision the CZ52, or function-check the Tokarev...)

Next time, bulk. Set aside a paycheck and damn the torpedoes.

(Incidentally, magtech primers are pretty good - 15000+ and no complaints.)

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