Wednesday, January 14, 2009

On Gordon Biersch Märzen and Pilsner.

I finally bit the bullet and decided to see what the deal was with Messrs. Gordon and Biersch (yes, the first one has a given name as a surname. Clever bastards.). Mr. Gordon is a graduate of what is apparently a prestigious five-year brewing program in Weihenstephan, Germany. Let's see how it paid off...

Short: It's awesome. Hell, everything I've tried in this genre is awesome, which means that I love fruity, malty, full-bodied lagers that retain that classic sparkling hoppiness, and that I probably haven't tried enough Märzens yet. Compared to the caramel-apple roundness of Spaten Ur-Märzen (seasonal, apparently - get thee to the local booze peddler with haste), the GB version is a bit darker and more subdued in character. In fact, it's quite reminiscent of...

Czech-style Pilsner
Darkest 'pilsner' I've tried - it feels like a lager that the brewmasters went postal on with hops. Dry as a Glock's striker channel, and lingers longer than black powder smoke on a still day. Moderate body, with a slight green-apple tang. I could subsist on this stuff for a good long while and not be the least bit disappointed.

In summary, it looks like I'll be perusing Gordon Biersch's manifold offerings in greater depth. Oh hell yes.

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