Sunday, December 7, 2008

Your Tax Dollars at Work.

So I was doing That Which I Get Paid For today, and I was interrupted from my usual MO (run around, do stuff, remember one of the fifteen other things which need doing, put down stuff half-done, repeat) by a would-be customer. She had wandered right past the line, which is usually acceptable if they're making an inquiry rather than a purchase. As always, I inquired as to her needs, and she immediately asked to be served by someone else. (The thought of actually queuing with the other would-be customers never seemed to cross her mind.) Fortunately, Cheerful Shift Lead took the baton, and would-be customer calmly explained that:

1. The person that enthusiastically offers help is on Their payroll;
2. She has suffered food poisoning in the past;
3. Person on Their payroll is responsible for said food poisoning.

A word of warning to those interested in being a covert tool of the shadow government: the pay sucks (why else would I be working retail?) but you get your Gray Death vaccinations on time.

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