Saturday, October 4, 2008

Random Thoughts.

Apparently, the huge cloud of smoke generated by the discharge of cast lead bullets is actually the wax lubricant burning off. I knew all those facts, but never put 'em together...also, 500,000 lead rounds apparently doesn't come close to wearing out a 1911 barrel, while 50,000 jacketed ones will shoot it out. Good to know.

Double-taps are hard. More precisely, double-taps work a lot better when you actually have a sight picture for both shots, and your grip is neutral such that the gun returns from recoil to the place whence it came, instead of seven o'clock low. I saw the sights there, so it wasn't a jerk/flinch (entirely), so methinks I'm overcompensating for something at speed. Runs OK slower, the same, slower, but faster. Or something.

The original Ghost in the Shell movie is still amazing.

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