Tuesday, October 14, 2008

On Davis-Monthan AFB.

Absolutely fascinating link over at Sevesteen's place - the Google Maps satellite image of Davis-Monthan AFB, AKA the Boneyard. Interesting mix of planes there.

What I find fascinating is that it's not just retired types - it looks like there's retired airframes of current-run aircraft, such at the C-5 Galaxy, the B1, lots of F/A-18s, and a line of A-10s (kinda want to cry seeing that). There are plenty of F-5s, interestingly enough, what appear to be some surviving A4s.

Everything's got to die sometime, and aircraft are no exception. Airframes tire out, or are replaced, or whatever, but it's still affecting to see old warbirds like the BUFF or the Tomcat being neatly chopped up - like pulling the wings of a pinned butterfly.

Home on the Range mentioned this a while back, actually.

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