Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Local IPA Throwdown.

After drinking plenty of Sierra Nevada Anniversary Ale, it occurred to me that there might be merit to the whole India Pale Ale concept. And with that I trolled about the local Alcohol Bazaar and selected the first three things I saw with "IPA" on the label. Results?

Lagunitas IPA
Surprisingly subdued for an IPA. I expect a kick in the jaw, but this is more "Pale Ale" with fewer Indians added than I expected. It's crisp, tasty, and generally malty and delicious; however, it's not quite what I'm looking for...

Lagunitas Maximus IPA
Sometimes just adding hops can go awry. It's big and full-bodied, but has an unfortunate vegetal quality. This stuff tastes like a rejected batch of SNPA-Anniversary - same flavors, wrong amounts. If they adjusted the hop mix, it might work better.

Rubicon IPA
Ok, this is what we're going for. This stuff is intensely bitter, which I find a good complement to my personality, but still crisp and malty, with a full body. It's not what I'd call a traditional IPA taste per se, but a very interesting interpretation.


MauserMedic said...

Nearly 11 months now w/o an IPA. Or shooting.

I just became really depressed.

Bunnyman said...

Yikes. I take it the Egyptian alcohol scene leaves something to be desired.