Monday, September 8, 2008

On Case Failure.

It took me a year and half, but I finally had a case fail. More specifically, a rather dramatic split neck. It wasn't the disgustingly grimy Webley brass that's been loaded 7+ times without annealing (twice with Goex Pinnacle FFFg, no less), nor the S&B I bulk-ordered the day I brought the P226 home last November and have been reloading ever since. (Fairly stiff brass, and primer pockets two sizes too small, but it seems to work. So much for the warnings, I guess...) Nay, the offender was once-fired police nickel-plated brass that started a bit too ovoid, re-sized OK, but I'm guessing doesn't like being worked that much.

So nickel does fail earlier, and partially squished cases aren't necessarily salvageable. Good to know...

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