Sunday, August 10, 2008

Random Musings part whatever.

"Looking the shot off" is a really cool experience. I was dry-firing a faux plate rack the other night, and decided to go back and try transitioning to a plate with a cocked hammer, to make sure the pseudo-trigger pull and the real trigger pull worked about the same. Sure enough, I transition from one plate to the next, and the hammer drops automatically when the sight picture is good. Now that I can re-create that experience, I need to transfer it to live fire and absolutely murder the rack.

"Sensory deprivation" works really well for de-stigmatizing recoil. With good solid hearing protection (plugs + muffs, even?), get a bead on the berm (or something else safe), close your eyes, and feel a perfect trigger pull. As I read somewhere, you feel more recoil pounding nails. When you're staring down the sights, the trigger feels twice as heavy, and the bang seems twice as loud. I can see this drill being great for new shooters.

Carbon fouling around the muzzle of a handgun looks really cool. Kind of a de-motivator to clean the damn thing, not that it really needs attention.

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