Saturday, August 30, 2008

On Banter.

Do not watch the first disc of "Firefly" and any of the hit 70s cop show "SWAT" in the same week. Banter has evolved too much in the intervening 30 years. Chase it with "The X-Files" or something so your forehead doesn't get a keyboard injection.

SWAT's actually a good deal of 70's cop show cheesy, mostly family-friendly fun. The writers are getting more into it as the show progresses...the stock 'mafia hitman,' 'VIP protection in hospital,' and 'homicidal stalker' plotlines have given away to some fun episodes. For instance, a gambling kingpin hires a high-end assassin, who flies out of New Delhi. Problem is, he's infected with Pneumonic plague. Another one involves an armored car being lifted and pressed into a plot to lift a scepter and tiara from a beauty pageant. And then there's the frogmen advancing over the beach with Wilkinson Linda carbines to bump off a senator...oh, it's not mentally taxing in the slightest. Great laundry-folding or hand-priming background. The theme song is grade-A earworm agar. Mein Gott in Himmel.

The guns, though...

"Deadly AR-18, modified for full auto, with a folding stock so it can fit in a briefcase. A man equipped with that could take on an army."

Please. Especially since the villain used it in a sniping capacity from 500 meters. Previously, Hondo suggested the standard length for a .38 Special revolver was 6", which is approximately two longer than the ones that, at the time, inhabited just about every police holster in the country. The WCPD did get style points when it became apparent that the standard patrol shotgun was the...Winchester 1897.

And the silenced revolvers...

It's also impressive how they work the same bar/restaurant set into EVERY episode. Repaint, new props, and they won't notice, right? Right?

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