Friday, May 23, 2008

Utterly useless C&R trivia bit #392.


Neither the HKS S&W M25-2 (.45 Auto Rim) or the M25-5 (.45 LC) speed loaders will fit .455 Webley. You can sort of wiggle in the mk1 cases (or at least these Dominion .455 Colts) into the .45 Auto Rim version, but the necessary ejection procedure (the negative end of a AAA battery) is antithetical to the concept of a "speed loader." And my well-loved Fiocchi Mk2's...fuggedaboudit.

This makes me a sad panda. Back to practicing the time-honored "pocketful of loose cartridges" reloading method. And if anyone reads this, it may just save them $13 trying out speedloaders.


GunGeek said...

I read somewhere on these intehwebs that you can use a clip (I want to say 303 Brit) to hold 38/357 rounds to be applied two at a time into the cylinder. Kind of like Bianchi's little rubber speed loader gizmo, except the you slide the clip off of them when they get inserted into the cylinder.

Is there something similar that would hold your rounds? Just a thought.

Bunnyman said...

Mosin strippers, for thought.