Saturday, May 31, 2008

My lizard brain is happy.

Something about spooling a "Dieselboy" station on Pandora and loading Quarantine up in DosBox that really does the trick. Distorted jungle two-step + splattering pedestrians = win.

Oh, and one of the amusing quirks about Quarantine is that, despite being armed to the teeth (headlight machineguns, 11-barrel 60mm autocannon (!), flame belcher, bumper-mounted buzz-saw, etc.), you never actually *need* to use your weapons, save for a handful of story missions. So, really, it's just a road-rage simulator. Little goddamned hoverbike just cut me off? A fusillade from Mr. Mulch (that's a quad-barrel semi-automatic 10-gauge anti-vehicular shotgun) will set things right.

No, really, I'm perfectly well-adjusted. Honestly.

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