Thursday, May 1, 2008

Lessons learned.

1. California politicans can be monumental assholes.
Okay, so I already knew that.

2. Discharging a .22 three inches from a B-8 target produces a not inconsequential amount of confetti. Anyway, that round was sorta bent from a misfeed and I didn't want to shoot it for accuracy, but I didn't want to waste it either.

3. Dot Torture = wicked troubleshooter. Recommended distance is three yards. Back it off until stuff starts missing, repeat. Lesson: Shoot more with left hand. Where'd them bullets go?

4. Natural shooting angle seems to matter for one-handed shooting. Running the Olympic Rapid-Fire course (well, reduced for 9.4 meters, at least), the middle target is sorta passable and the outside edges get progressively wider. Lesson: turn with waist, not with arms!

5. Load with large amounts of unburned powder = high probability of squib. 2/45. Not reassuring. Finally time to execute the Grand Webley Trail Boss experiment.

6. Webley No.1 Mk.1 Trigger pulled DA 24 times = worn out trigger finger. Holy shit. When one simply cannot pull the fucking thing again, one needs to exercise one's finger (or something).

7. Concurrently, worn-out trigger finger = double-sized groups.

8. High quality black tea lasts for about three steepings. Afterwards, you can see the bottom of the cup. This simply will not do.

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