Saturday, May 31, 2008

Double-action, or staging is bollocks.

Brian Enos has it right. I've finally mastered the double pull on the P226. By mastered, I mean the sight stays more or less the same, not jerking in a random direction. The cure:

1. Full contact grip. Doesn't need to be tight (again Enos: like holding a hammer), but weld your hands together (especially the fleshy bits behind your thumbs).

2. No chicken-finger. Pull that sumbitch with conviction and not an iota of hesitation. This means no staging.

And bingo, lots of .40cal holes in the target. As they say on the internet, "squee."

My lizard brain is happy.

Something about spooling a "Dieselboy" station on Pandora and loading Quarantine up in DosBox that really does the trick. Distorted jungle two-step + splattering pedestrians = win.

Oh, and one of the amusing quirks about Quarantine is that, despite being armed to the teeth (headlight machineguns, 11-barrel 60mm autocannon (!), flame belcher, bumper-mounted buzz-saw, etc.), you never actually *need* to use your weapons, save for a handful of story missions. So, really, it's just a road-rage simulator. Little goddamned hoverbike just cut me off? A fusillade from Mr. Mulch (that's a quad-barrel semi-automatic 10-gauge anti-vehicular shotgun) will set things right.

No, really, I'm perfectly well-adjusted. Honestly.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Utterly useless C&R trivia bit #392.


Neither the HKS S&W M25-2 (.45 Auto Rim) or the M25-5 (.45 LC) speed loaders will fit .455 Webley. You can sort of wiggle in the mk1 cases (or at least these Dominion .455 Colts) into the .45 Auto Rim version, but the necessary ejection procedure (the negative end of a AAA battery) is antithetical to the concept of a "speed loader." And my well-loved Fiocchi Mk2's...fuggedaboudit.

This makes me a sad panda. Back to practicing the time-honored "pocketful of loose cartridges" reloading method. And if anyone reads this, it may just save them $13 trying out speedloaders.

You may be a gun nut if ... (#2)

You get in the car after work and start grinning like an idiot when you notice the trip odometer reads "76.2."

Monday, May 19, 2008


All of us have been yelled at for slouching - my generation in particular. (I suppose we've given up on the current generation of elementary-aged kids, but that's another matter.)

It's not, as one might expect, to save one's back. Nay, the purpose of this life lesson is that it's a hell of a lot easier to clear a belt holster when you are sitting up. Next time you're armed at the computer, get that butt against the back of the chair.

PSA ends.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Lessons Learned #2.

1. Those lower limits in the Speer manual actually are there for a reason. Not necessarily because of squibbing or suchlike, but because knocking the load down a half-grain results in a hell of a lot of unburned powder.

2. Unburned AA7 + Brian Enos' Far Superior Slide Glide (tm) = Lapping Compound.

3. The full NP3 + Roguard treatment is only $285.

You may be a gun nut if...

You can't get through a movie or episode of a TV show without stopping at least once, returning to the beginning of a scene, and stepping forward to get a good angle on someone's gun, then spending three hours online to find exactly what AR15 upper (or whatever) that is. Oh, and fifteen other things. Such is the sum of hypertext and tabbed browsing.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

A bit of perspective.

From the inimitable Chris Byrne, persuasive and articulate as always.

Lessons learned.

1. California politicans can be monumental assholes.
Okay, so I already knew that.

2. Discharging a .22 three inches from a B-8 target produces a not inconsequential amount of confetti. Anyway, that round was sorta bent from a misfeed and I didn't want to shoot it for accuracy, but I didn't want to waste it either.

3. Dot Torture = wicked troubleshooter. Recommended distance is three yards. Back it off until stuff starts missing, repeat. Lesson: Shoot more with left hand. Where'd them bullets go?

4. Natural shooting angle seems to matter for one-handed shooting. Running the Olympic Rapid-Fire course (well, reduced for 9.4 meters, at least), the middle target is sorta passable and the outside edges get progressively wider. Lesson: turn with waist, not with arms!

5. Load with large amounts of unburned powder = high probability of squib. 2/45. Not reassuring. Finally time to execute the Grand Webley Trail Boss experiment.

6. Webley No.1 Mk.1 Trigger pulled DA 24 times = worn out trigger finger. Holy shit. When one simply cannot pull the fucking thing again, one needs to exercise one's finger (or something).

7. Concurrently, worn-out trigger finger = double-sized groups.

8. High quality black tea lasts for about three steepings. Afterwards, you can see the bottom of the cup. This simply will not do.