Saturday, March 8, 2008

Gun Lust: SIG-Sauer P226 X-Five

I had the remarkably fortunate opportunity to put a few rounds through a SIG-Sauer P226 X-Five.

It dwarfs a standard P226, with a 5.5" barrel, massive dustcover, magwell, and extended beavertail. The fit and finish are impeccable - the nicest I've seen in my short gun-owning career.

And it shoots like a .22. A stocky, heavy, hand-filling .22 with a louder bang. Super-short trigger, better than the one on my Trailside, with a 3-4lb break and zero grit or overtravel. Deep-cut target sights. Zero muzzle flip. Compared to standard shooters, it's cheating, pure and simple.

One problem: The slide release is in exactly the same place, but the manual safety obstructs the thumb from operating it easily. I suppose offhand thumb or just yanking the slide back is the way to go. Or just never reload from slide-lock.

Now if I can justify the $2000 MSRP, I'll be in business...

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