Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Recently, upon reading a favorable review of the 2002 B-Movie "Equilibrium," I decided (in the interests of fairness) to re-examine it.

Upon further consideration, I have decided that it's utility lies not in its message but rather as fodder for drinking games.

Easy version: Take a shot every time an 'unfeeling' character demonstrates an emotional response - fear, ambition, satisfaction, smugness, etc etc etc.

Naturally, you'll all have advanced wernicke-korsakoff syndrome by the time the film ends, so:

Moderately difficult version: Take a shot every time a cut is lifted almost verbatim from another movie.

I'll give you two easy ones: Hard Boiled and Blade Runner.

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Patrick Roberts said...

it is ironic how much emotion is shown in that movie, how can they be glad for their civilization, afterall, without emotion