Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Filthy Sellout.

Verily, I admit my weakness in the face of unyielding social pressure and go forth to the internet to speak my piece, whether or not anyone wishes to consume such product.

The trifecta in question is quite simple.

Video Games

The fourth part of the trifecta (which is a concept that probably makes a lot more sense at 5:54 AM after the third re-steeping of some nice Pu-Erh, priming 460 9mm cases, and watching Abel Ferrara's Ms. 45) is cinema and its bastard redheaded step-sibling television, whose dead horse I like to flog via Bittorrent on occasion.

Between which will be devoted most of my entries. Besides, a simple "Bunnyman.blogspot.com" was taken by what appears to be a spastic teenager from Macao whose entire knowledge of English was taken from reading the backs of Radiohead albums and, in a fit of angst jumped off a theme casino, despondent after the recent US presidential elections. I'll just assume that somewhere in that cloud of question marks is a suicide note, since Asian language support is not actually activated on this browser.


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